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Who wears pink ties

Over the past 5 years pink ties have gained lots of popularity. The majority of men wearing pink ties fall in the age range of mid 20s to early 30s. Pink ties have become popular for business, leisure, as well as formal occasions for during the day. A solid color pink tie made from a fine a smooth satin-like silk is an elegant tie for formal occasions in warm weather. This type of pink tie is often chosen as a wedding tie. After all the color pink is a romantic color.

Pink ties for business occasions often times are not solid in color. Instead striping patterns and combinations with other colors are quite common. A popular color combination within the pink tie is a light green (sage green and lime green ties are another popular tie for the spring and summer). Besides the light green, white is also used in combination with pink.

Pink neckties: Everything there is to know about pink silk ties in men’s fashion.