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Shades of pink in ties

CMYK colors which stands for Cyan (blue), Magenta (red shade), Yellow, and black are the basic colors that, when mixed, give an endless possibility in color shades. To this point over 16 million different colors have been identified - much more than we could distinguish. This wide range of colors also includes a long list of pink tones.

The color pink is created by the single color: Magenta (red). This shade of red gets mixed with white (white is not a color and said to be color-less). In the silk and necktie industry, the bleached white silk yarn is soaked in a bath of pink dye to take on color. The more magenta in the dye, the darker the shade of pink will be. Off-pink colors, that still appear pink, often times use other colors as well. Very dark shades of pink, such as Puce Pink, uses portion of black - giving the pink a more grayish shade. Other shades of non-pure pinks use small portions of yellow - giving the pink an orange shimmer (Coral Pink for example).

While graphic designers and color experts describe colors in form of letters and numbers (those give the ratio of each basic color), fashion designers describe colors more elegantly. Words of objects found in nature, are a common way to describe a color. Below is a list of pink color shades (for a closer look please click on the image):

pink colors for ties

Although there are over 30 different shades of pink in common use, a small group of pink tones is most common for men’s fashion. Pink is a warm and friendly color. Pink ties are therefore most common in the spring and summer fashion. Wearing a pink tie on an overcast winter day is simply out of place since the color does not harmonize with the season.

The shades of pink in ties:

Most common are ligher shades of pink in neckties. Those pink shades contain a smaller portion of magenta (red). The five most commonly used shades for pink silk ties are:

  1. Lavender Pink Ties
  2. Fuchsia Pink silk ties
  3. Pink
  4. Salmon Pink Ties
  5. Salmon color Ties

Pink-neckties: Everything there is to know about pink neck ties in men’s fashion.