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Psychology of pink ties

Each color shade creates certain feelings and bring out certain moods within us. Each of the three basic colors have a unique psychology and create certain moods:

Cyan (blue):

Blue has a calming and sedating effect on us physically and mentally. It is also said to be a cooling color that aids intuition.

Megenta (red)

Pure red is an exciting color. It cretes enegry and stimulated enthusiasm within us. Red colors encourage action. Red silk ties are usually worn by confident men with an outgoing personality type. The brighther the red shade, the more daring and bold the necktie will be. Nevertheless, red ties are very fashionable and quite popular in men’s fashion.


Yellow is a cheerful sunny color. Just like in nature, the clor yellow is mostly found in the spring and summer for men’s fashion. It is said that yellow enhances concentration with-in us (legal pads are yellow in color for example). Pure yellow neckties are quite rare. Instead high portion of yellow are often mixed with green (to create the popular sage green and lime green ties), as well as Magenta (to make popular orange colored ties).

What about the pink necktie?

Since pink is made from the basic color red it also, just like red creates a sense passion and energy within us. Unlike pure red, the color pink is much lighter and more calming. Some fashion designers speak of a romantic color (mixing passion with tranquility).

Pink ties are mostly worn by younger men with an outgoing personality type. My advice: Wear pink ties during the spring and summer, but don’t overdo it. Show variety! Don’t be the guy that only wears pink ties. even if you are in love with the color pink and love to wear pink ties, show variety. Wear different shades of pink ties and pink ties with different patterns and other colors such as striped pink ties, pink ties with polka dots, or pink ties with tin patterns or even elegant motifs (often seen by French fashion designer of Hermes ties, or Floria based South beach ties.)