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Matching pink ties

Since pink contains portions of white and red, the most popular color combination for pink ties is the color white. But color isn’t the only factor when matching a tie to your attire. Other factors besides color include: Patterns, Fabrics, and the occasions.

Matching colors to the pink necktie:

The easiset and safest way to match any tie color is with a white dress shirt. Of all colors, the pink necktie, matches best with a plain white dress whirt. Other colors that match well with pink are:

  1. White
  2. Silver
  3. Shades of gray
  4. Black
  5. Lime green sage green, tea green.
  6. Light powder blue

For your dress shirt pick light colors. If white is too blend for you pick another light/ pastel color that harmonizes with the spring-like pink. A very light blue (powder blue) dress shirt is a great choice. Green is also a good option as long as the shade is warm and light. The tea green color is a great choice.

Silver is a great color for other accessories such as cuff-links and belt buckle. Keep in mind that if you wear silver cuff-links, a matching silver belt buckle is must (just like black shoes goe with black belt, briown shoes with brown belt, and so on…).

For the suit, a charcaol gray coored 2-piece suit is the most popular choice. It is a goal to create a contrast in colors. Although seen frequently, a tan colored suit should not be combined with a light pink tie - the contrast between light and darker colors is just too small. Besides the plain charcoal suit, a dark gray suit with fine pin-stripes is also great!

The fabrics to match the pink tie:

The pink tie is worn on sunny days in the sping and summer. Match the pink tie with light fabrics that fir the season. Mot suits designerd for teh summer are made from a lighter fabric. The dress shirt should also be considered: It should be made of a light fabric but not too thin that you can see through it.

The occasions:

Nowadays pink ties are acceptable for most occasions. For conservative business meetings however, or for formal events during the evening, the pink tie is out of place. Instead pick a more conservative necktie in colors of dark blue, or burgundy. Shades of brown and gray are also great in this case but are preferred colors in the winter months.